Coalition States

The powerhouse of post-apocalyptic North America, the Coalition States (CS) are a collection of high-technology, human supremacist, anti-mutant, anti-magic fascist city-states who wield influence throughout the eastern Mid-west portion of North America. The Coalition States protect their populace through vigilance, propaganda, and overwhelming military might. All D Bees, users of magic, unregistered psychics, and supernatural beings are considered to be enemies of the state to be killed on sight. Despite this harsh position, or perhaps because of it, there are those who maintain that due to the dangers of the Rifts, the Coalition States represent humanity’s last best hope of survival in the face of alien invaders, powerful magics, and demonic entities.

The Coalition States are made up of the following city-states: Chi Town, Missouri, El Dorado, Lone Star, Iron Heart

The following territories are under CS protection and scrutiny: Wisconsin and Minnesota, including the ruins of Tolkeen

The following entities/governments are considered CS allies: Northern Gun, The Manistique Imperium, Free Quebec

Coalition States

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