Greg Bear

Grizzled part native american elemental fusionist. Earth/Air


SDC: 41 HPS: 28 PPE: 102 MDC: 37 (iron hide)

Perception: +3 wilderness, -2 small towns, -4 large towns, -6 city

IQ: 14 ME: 15 MA: 11 PS: 20 PP: 19 PE: 22 PB: 15 SPD: 21 (15 mph, 22 kph)

attacks/melee: 4 Damage: 5 Stk: 2 Dodge: 2 Parry: 2 Roll: 2 Pull: 2 Kick 1d8

warlock spells: Chameleon (5 ppe)

Elemental Fusions: Alter Earth, Column of Air and Debris, Iron Hide, Rockwind, Shifting Ground, Wind Lift

Speak elemental earth/air 60%, sence elemental 100’/lvl, heals x2 in the wild/ x3 in the mountains

Saves: curses 15, disease 12, L poison 8, N poison 10, drugs 15, insanity 12, Magic 8, ritual 12, psionics 15


Greg is a mountain man, think Jeramiah Jonson. He is half native American with the straight black hair of his mothers people and the cold blue eyes of his father. Dressed in buckskins and furs it would be easy to underestimate him, but as he is known to say “country don’t mean dumb”. Loves music an will dance with great enthusiasm if little skill. Talks to animals and trees and the occasional rock, he has no real expectation that they will respond in kind, but it never hurts to be polite.

Given the nature of an elemental fusionist, he is at times grim and lethargic and at others gregarious and flighty.

During the siege on Tolkeen Greg helped many noncombatants make there way through the wilderness between Tolkeen and Lazlo. He killed more then a few of the coalition troops charged with hindering the escape of “targets of value” and is wanted by to coalition for his crimes. The most dangerous encounter was with a coalition juicer about six months back, in which he won by throwing the rock that the juicer was standing on over a cliff (Greg is pretty sure that the 500’ fall killed him but was wounded and couldn’t check). As a token of that encounter he bears a jagged scar across his gut from a glancing knife hit.

Greg Bear

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